What happened to Richard Rodriguez could happen to anyone. It could be a loved one, it could be a close friend, it could be you. Preventing it from happening is what MyLifeDirective.org is all about.

MyLifeDirective.org is a website registry where you can list vital health and contact information for yourself, your family and others. It was formed by Dorothy Rodriguez-Anderson in honor of her late father.

In a medical emergency, your family contact information is critical. MyLifeDirective.org makes it instantly available online. Once registered, medical facilities can search our website for patient information, such as family contacts, health condition, medication being taken, personal physician, and advance directive.

The My Life Directive foundation was formed out of the personal pain of the loss of my father, who by unfortunate circumstances, died alone.The pain our family experienced was so tremendous and life-changing that it has become our mission to create a registry that will help prevent this for you or someone that you love.

Charlzetta Driver of the Examiner says
“The online registry provides nationwide access of medical, personal, and contact information to critical response teams and healthcare organizations for injured, ill, and mental health patients unable to communicate for themselves. Prime candidates for this service would be persons with Alzheimer’s, dementia, diabetes, and epilepsy. However, everyone should participate in the event of accident or injury that may inhibit the ability to remember or communicate.”