My Life Directive Mission

My Life Directive is an online registry service that allows you to provide medical and emergency contact information to healthcare organizations worldwide. The My Life Directive registry serves as your own personal storage. You can upload advance directives and any other information and legal documentation you believe to be pertinent. You share only the information you wish to.
It’s that simple.

All information is confidential (we do not share or sell your information with anyone) and available only to the health care professionals who need it.

My Life Directive allows those whose voices, histories, and information can be difficult to access. Such as:

  • Veterans
  • Those in the homeless community
  • Disabled children
  • Children in foster care
  • The elderly parent
  • The inmate

My Life Directive ultimately allows everyone to keep all of their medical records and/or information together in one spot. In addition, My Life Directive will provide an engraved ID* making it simple and easy for healthcare professionals to locate the appointed emergency contact person.

*Provided upon request. An engraved ID ensures that each participant has a form of identification and provides healthcare professionals with an emergency contact person.
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“Family is not just about love, it’s knowing that someone will be watching out for you.” ~ Mitch Albom

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